Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"There's so much I can't say to Henry about who I am and where I've been, or that TV isn't just a fad.": Journeyman

Well, folks, it looks like it finally happened. (Merry Christmas! You're canceled!) Although NBC's decision is understandable, I can't help but feel disappointed. At least we have two more episodes next week to see how everything will play out. Will we get any definitive answers on what is actually going on? Doubtful, but even without the promise of answers I still wouldn't miss those final episodes for anything.

Christmas was the theme for this week, and if there has ever been a show that can truly celebrate Christmas through the ages, it's this one. Things started on a different note, following Livia in her natural time period in the 1940's, where we learn she has a boyfriend and an affinity for choosing outfits that will be appropriate in any time period. That's a skill she could market. Dan's back in the present, where Katie is frantically preparing for their annual holiday party and his mother's impending arrival, all while in the throes of some serious post traumatic stress after her kidnapping ordeal last week. She's covering up her trauma by making loads of cookies, which is totally how I deal with my problems, too! She doesn't seem to have the problem I have about EATING all of the cookies once they're baked, however, considering her trim physique. Lucky. In the end, the only person who recognizes her troubles is her mother-in-law, who gives Katie some nice words but also pointedly tells her she is still wary of her due to her breaking Jack's heart and moving on to Dan. I'm glad someone finally and rationally called Katie out on how crazy that family dynamic is. Go Mom!

While Dan is busy being oblivious to his wife's distress he heads to the office and learns that he's being laid off at the paper, something the show has been hinting at since almost the first episode. There's something to be said about leading a story but this build up seemed a bit excessive, especially since everything is going to be fixed by the end of the episode due to Dan's magic time traveling powers and capacity for blackmail. More interestingly, while in the past Dan runs into his father the night before he left their family and convinces him to tell young Dan and Jack why he is leaving before he goes. This tweaked his history slightly but obviously not in a way too monumental, seeing that the only thing different when he returns to the past is that his brother now remembers his father as less of a deadbeat. Interestingly, Dan doesn't remember this so when something is changed in his life in the past, the memories must not automatically "download" into his brain when he goes into the future. If he changes something significant, or unknowingly, this could be a very intriguing dilemma.

Finally, we also learned that Jack's girlfriend Theresa is pregnant, and also a big nosy snoop. She is very interested in what she says is Dan's mental illness, but on this show you can't ever take anything at face value, especially when they conveniently get pregnant and force a permanent tie to Dan and his family. Is she working for someone else? Or am I just being paranoid? I have a feeling this is one loose end that will never be fully explored.

Next week: Tune in on Monday at 10pm and Wednesday at 10pm for the final two episodes. I'm hoping for a little Elliott Langley action, myself, as I think he's the key to everything that's going on here.

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