Friday, January 25, 2008

Deeply superficial blog-a-thon: Just a reminder

Remember that the deeply superficial blog-a-thon starts just one week from today -- Friday, Feb. 1 -- and runs through Friday, Feb. 8

Here's the manifesto from the original post:

You could write an extended treatise on a work where the superficial pleasures led you to a deeper understanding of the piece as a whole. Or you could make a list of people you find attractive. Or you could just post pretty pictures. So long as it has to do with something in the arts or pop culture and it's something you enjoy on some sort of shallow level, it's fair game. Obviously, the subject lends itself to more humorous writing and/or personal reflection, so if you feel up to either, feel free to go ahead with that. It's as scholarly as you want it to be.

We'll link to everyone that writes a Blog-a-Thon post at their own blogs. Don't have one? Well, type something up in a .RTF file and e-mail it to me by January 31, and I'll publish it here with your byline and everything.
Here's a YouTube video too, only a different one this time. I'll be back in full force in Feb., but I wanted to remind you about this before you forgot.

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