Tuesday, January 08, 2008

'One Tree Hill': The more things change, the more they stay the same

It's four years later in Tree Hill, and although a lot of time has passed things don't seem all that different. Perhaps it's because their parents were never around and school played such a small part in the proceedings, or perhaps it's because all of the actors look the exact same age, but Tree Hill of the future feels shockingly like the Tree Hill we saw back in May. Still, people have changed (slightly) and hairstyles have changed (dramatically) but that One Tree Hill drama we know and love remains intact.

Let's do a rundown and see where all of our favorite Tree Hill denizens find themselves after a four-year jump, shall we?
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Andy Asensio said...

The people who populate the Zap2it comment threads scare me, so I'm posting my OTH Mockery Thread here:

- Giving characters stupid haircuts as shorthand to indicate that we're living in a different time is one of the hackiest clich├ęs you can do on TV. What's next, the overly precocious kid? ... Oh.
- Nathan is an asshole. He's always been an asshole. Don't make me try to feel sorry for him.
- That being said, Nathan's crazy out of control facial hair at the very beginning was a beautiful thing to behold. But then it was noticeably tamed down in latter shots. Boo.
- The writers do such a lazy job of telegraphing moments to come that they took all the shock value out of it. How many times did they show Nathan looking down into the pool? And how is it that every phone call that Brooke got while in Tree Hill happened to be as she was walking along the river? You knew that both Nathan, and Brooke's phone, were going in the water forty minutes before each happened.
- They brought in two of the three lead females from the old ABC Family show Beautiful People, and the one they missed was the cool one.
- It's bad enough when we have to be subjected to Lucas's "look how literary I am!" voiceovers. The creeping advancement as the series has progressed of having other characters do annoying voiceovers of their own, like Haley here, just adds to the pain.
- And Haley, write your name on the board before class begins. You don't want to have the very first thing you do to your new class to be to turn your back to them as you're writing. Bad first impressions, social psychology, you instantly put them in a mindset of talking behind your back, et cetera, et cetera. That's, like, Teaching 101.
- They really tried to build suspense out of things that happened in the past that were not worth building suspense over. In each case, we knew the actual outcome already, but were teased about the reason for that outcome, despite the fact that the reason was totally unimportant. There's a word for that; it's called "anticlimactic." First: they kept putting off the cause of Nathan's injury like it was supposed to be a big revelation, teasing it over several commercial breaks. And then you see the actual cause, and it's, like, oh, that's it? That was hardly a massive shock-inducing moment; why exactly was there a need to tease it out, when we knew the outcome and the outcome was all that mattered? Second: they tried to build suspense on the question of who Peyton was talking to on the phone from L.A. by showing the scene once, cutting to a commercial break, doing some other stuff, and then returning to do the call again. You're supposed to feel suspense, wondering if it's Brooke or Lucas ... but who cares? You know that Peyton is going back to Tree Hill, and is going to run into both of them immediately upon doing so, so what was the point of this big reveal? And third: there was another Peyton mini-cliffhanger set up of why she missed Lucas's book signing. But we already knew that a) she did miss the book signing; and b) Lucas has a new girlfriend. That's all that matters. So why bother to make it a big anticlimactic reveal that there's a correlation between A and B?
- The worst offender of all - the promise that these flashbacks to the time we skipped over will continue to be seen throughout the entire season, as the show's stars have indicated in interviews. I hate flashbacks, period, so it's annoying just by itself, but it also dilutes the fact that skipping ahead is a legitimately interesting thing for the series to be doing. But this cheapens that concept; it's saying, well, we're going to skip over that part, but we're not really going to skip over it. I would have been much more impressed had the show had the confidence to just rush full speed ahead and not look back.

On the plus side, I laughed out loud when Nathan threatened Lucas that he could make it so that Dan was not the only Scott to have killed a brother. Hilariously inappropriate. I'm morbid like that.

Carrie said...

Those OTH commenters are...interesting, to say the least.

This show isn't known for subtlety. I've been rewatching the series on SoapNet, and last season every single freaking episode had flashbacks to things that happened in like, the previous episode. Like we're mentally incapable of remembering what happened only one week prior.

I am usually totally pro-flashback in regards to filling in story gaps, but I do agree with you that these were very weak. I think this is mostly because the show feels so darn similar from the "high school" years that the flashbacks feel like they're marking time rather than revealing anything. I'm much more interested in why Peyton and Lucas broke up in the first place than that stupid book signing misunderstanding, and how Lucas even got a publisher to READ his book in the first place, than anything they showed here.

Also, besides Mouth, Haley and Nathan -- did any of these folks actually go to college? It's unclear.

Props on the Beautiful People pick up. I thought I would be the only one to recognize both actors, so I didn't even put that bit in my recap! Ha. Although, I sort of always liked the younger one that's the new nanny, so I'm looking forward to seeing her here.

Why the hell is Karen in Ireland? Are her and her daughter taking a world tour with all of the money they don't have?

Myles said...

First off, congratulations on the fancy-schmancy paid gig - tres jealous, although I think my thesis advisor would likely flip out if he knew I had ACTUAL deadlines as opposed to my current self-imposed productivity.

Second, I...procured One Tree Hill for the rabid horde on campus, and I feel a little bit dirty to even be in possession of it. But, I might eventually get really bored and watch it for sheer entertainment value.

Dear god, please don't let the strike go on that long.

Todd said...

Girl on the right looks so much like Jenna Fischer there?

I don't even remember her name. See how liberating it is when you watch this once per season?

Carrie said...

Hilarie Burton.

You're welcome.