Monday, February 04, 2008

Deeply Superficial Blog-a-Thon: The best commercial from the Super Bowl

Sadly, I don't have enough time today to do a full post (like I had hoped), swamped as I am with other demands, so I'll just leave you with this rather beautiful Coke ad from this weekend's Super Bowl. There's so much here to appreciate on a superficial level, from the cinematic storytelling to the autumnal color palette to the use of three very recognizable pop culture icons as the "characters" in the story. I'm pretty much in love with the shots of the balloons caroming off of the picture windows, and that final pas de deux between the champion and the Coke bottle has that emotional tug you want out of a good ad. And I'm not even a Coke drinker by nature!

Obviously, this isn't Citizen Kane, but it's a fine, fine piece of advertising that manages to work perfectly on that deeply superficial level all the best ads do.

Happy viewing!

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