Tuesday, February 26, 2008

An intriguing Oscar link

Over at The Film Experience, Nathaniel R. has a great post on how the public has abandoned the Oscars, how the media tries to make it seem like it's Hollywood's fault and why the Oscars matter that's a must read. It says everything that I was planning to say in an Oscar defense post (and a few things I said a few years ago here), only better. I'm still busy and occupied with personal stuff. I hope I can get to The Wire this week, and I'll definitely get to Lost (doing link-throughs for a few other blogs on that one), but for now, enjoy Nathaniel's piece. (And that image? That's the previous Oscar best picture winners adjusted for inflation -- remember when EVERYone was talking about Schindler's List or Rain Man or Dances With Wolves? Remember when respectable dramas were a box office draw?)

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