Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A new couple is on the rise on 'Big Brother: 'Til Death Do You Part'

After all of the life and death drama of yesterday's episode, this week's elimination seemed rather anticlimactic in comparison. Let's face it, vote seesawing and a sappy background package on James and Chelsia cannot compete with severe allergic reactions, hypoglycemic shock and the crazy that is Sheila. Alas, my task is to recap tonight's rather boring episode and not yesterday's drama fest. So recap I shall.

Julie starts us off by recapping Amanda and Allison's medical mishaps and assuring us viewers they are perfectly fine now. Julie, why are you wearing my school photo outfit from 1992? Sadly, my 1992 self and your current self probably wear the same size. Once we are sufficiently comforted that all medical issues are in the past, Julie teases us into the first taped package by promising that Matt and Natalie aren't as safe as we might think. Will there be some sort of strategy exhibited by any of the players? Will someone finally figure out how to play this game? Mark me down as skeptical.
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