Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Yeah, that sounds like something I'm going to need to raise with my boss" - Jericho

If there has been anything close to a life-changing experience in my time writing about television, it was the moment when what I thought was an unsurprisingly CBS decision to cancel Jericho turned into me getting swept up into a fan movement unlike any we've ever seen. Jericho fans have been incredibly good to me at Cultural Learnings, but I'll be flat out honest: I never really cared for the show that much. There was just something about its first season that had me bolting before the season ended. But, out of loyalty to fans and out of interest, I'm back into the swing of things for the show's seven-episode second season.

It's hard to really gauge the relative quality of the episode considering all of these elements, to be entirely honest with you - there is no question that Jericho has not entered the upper echelon of television drama with its new reconstruction storyline (Which doesn't quite reach Battlestar Galactica levels of contemporary allegory), but there's nothing here to make it unwatchable by any means. In fact, some of its elements remain extremely compelling, and although it doesn't quite live up to them there are some neat elements in play on a broader thematic scale. I actually think that the hullabaloo surround the series has been effective in one sense: beyond my critical sensibilities, I'm finding myself being sucked in easier than ever.

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