Tuesday, March 11, 2008

'New Amsterdam': The one gets a new wrinkle

[I guest blogged the third episode of New Amsterdam for zap2it this week, so I thought I'd throw up a link in case anyone here was watching the show. Is anyone here watching? Unfortunately, it seems like a potentially interesting protagonist stuck in yet another tedious cop show. Sigh. - C]

After getting a double-barreled promotional push behind American Idol last week, New Amsterdam settled nicely into its regular time slot tonight with an installment that asked: what will John Amsterdam do once the path to his newly found "one" becomes a bit bumpy?

It's only the third episode, but already the structure of the show is well established, with part of the episode devoted to Amsterdam's personal life and search for the one, part of the episode devoted to the murder of the week, and the final part devoted to flashbacks to a period in Amsterdam's previous life (which helpfully tie into his case of the week and shed some light on the psyche of a person who's lived for over 400 years). So far, the weakest portion of the hour has always been the murder of the week, and unfortunately this one was no different.
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Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm watching New Amsterdam, and despite some weaknesses, I like it.

If you're interested, I have a blog about the show. Please feel free to stop by and visit:


Candy said...

I think this show is brilliant. When John's "medical assistant" handed him his newly self-published book, "Leaves of Grass" I nearly soiled myself. But I'm a history geek. So maybe that's why.

Todd said...

If you're an immortal, you'd think you'd have a wider range of job opportunities than "detective," but TV seems to think that's your best bet.

Just once I'd like to see a show about an immortal proprietor of an all-night pancake house.