Saturday, April 26, 2008

BSG Saturdays, Season Four, Ep. 4, "Escape Velocity"

“Escape Velocity” is probably one of those episodes that most of the diehard Battlestar fans will hate because it’s a little strange, the feel of it is rather hazy and, well, not a lot actually HAPPENS in it. It’s very definitely one of those episodes that exists solely to set up future episodes and to create plot points and/or red herrings that will keep those following the storyline guessing as the series plays out. The episode also focuses on the weird mysticism that has always permeated the series, and it deals with the painful birthing pangs of monotheism. In some ways, it feels like more of a thinkpiece than an episode of a very plot-driven series. I really liked it, all things considered, but if you hated it, I don’t blame you. It kind of drifts about like a fever dream or a vision rather than just getting to the point already, though it builds to a memorable montage, filled with portent. And now that I troll the TWOP boards to read fan reactions, I see that most everyone else was on its wavelength too, so, once again, my fandom radar is way off.
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