Saturday, April 19, 2008

BSG Saturdays, Season Four, Episode 3, "The Ties That Bind"

A friend recently, at my prompting, began watching Battlestar Galactica through from the beginning. “Hey,” he MSNed me a few days later. “You’ll never guess who my favorite character is!” After discussing the relative awesomeness of Baltar, Starbuck and Roslin in roughly that order, he then admitted, “Well, it’s Cally.” This kind of threw me for a loop. Y’see, fans HATE Cally. Hate her with a white-hot, burning passion. It would be easy enough to list all of the reasons, but let’s zero in on the number one reason for just a second here, a reason that pops up all the time when it comes to fans of anything hating one character or another (usually, in a sadly sexist fashion, when they’re females): Cally is whiny. She’s every character in every war movie who starts out the film wondering why they got involved in the first place and then learns along the way about the Greater Good and things like that. While Cally believed in the cause she was fighting for and hated the Cylons like a good human, she was still pretty pissed about all of the ways it affected her.

But what my friend said threw me because, y’see, I like Cally too. A lot.
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