Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moonlight fans, I don't deserve to die simply for the news I bear: The CBS upfront

Look. I know you all like vampires. And I know that sexy vampires are even better. And sexy, crime-solving vampires? Like catnip to all of you.

But I'm sad to say that Moonlight? Canceled.

And, what's more, I didn't think it was all that great. It's fine if you thought so, but I can't believe how loud you are about it. I mean, I realize I foist my love of How I Met Your Mother on all of you (loudly), but at least my show got renewed because it had the good sense to whore itself out for ratings by hiring Britney Spears!

Anyway, the CBS fall schedule is the first of this upfront season to look like what might have actually been a CBS schedule in a regular year. It's full of sitcoms and crime dramas and a weird, female-skewing dramedy that will almost certainly be canceled, even though David will love it solely because it stars Elizabeth Reaser.

I'm most impressed by CBS trying to open up another hour of the week with sitcoms, even if I think it would have been smarter to put Rules of Engagement and New Christine on in that slot, if only to decrease some of the burden from Christine. I'm not a big Engagement fan, but if you're going to open up a new hour of comedy, go out there with guns blazing and your best foot forward (I would have even been OK with the Big Bang Theory/HIMYM hour being transplanted, and I think that probably would have worked better).

All in all, though, I'm surprised more networks haven't gone after comedy. ABC has a bunch in development, so we'll probably be surprised at midseason when they've canceled Grey's and put on something starring Cedric the Entertainer or something, but the other networks are canceling solid little performers with potential like Back to You or sending Scrubs off on its merry way when comedy is one of the few genres to have survived the strike mostly intact (and a few shows, like HIMYM, have seen their ratings IMPROVE after the strike). We're nearing the point when a big sitcom hit is going to break out any day now, but someone needs to find that Cosby Show before it can happen. And I realize that everyone is all blah, blah, blah the sitcom is dead, but I maintain the sitcom's only dead because everyone in Hollywood has seemingly forgotten to write them (and I'm speaking, of course, of traditional multi-cameras, not single cameras, which are in kind of a golden age). I like Big Bang Theory and New Christine, but both are just solid B-team sitcoms. They're the kinds of things that would have been stuck between Friends and Seinfeld (well, actually, they're better than most of those shows), but they're not Friends or Seinfeld.

The sitcom has such a rich history that, as much as I like deep, rich, serialized drama, I'm sad that we haven't had a top ten hit sitcom since Everybody Loves Raymond. I'm glad CBS is taking a chance on some new comedies, and I hope it pays off for them, even if both of their new sitcoms don't. . .look that great.

The new CBS dramas are all variations on kooky people solving crimes, except for that romantic dramedy, which makes the ABSOLUTELY PERFECT bridge between The Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs. Still, it's created by Diane Ruggiero, and she worked on Veronica Mars, so I must pay some sort of homage. At least CBS isn't going to do things like put Viva Laughlin! on the air. If they're going to exist, they might as well be as boring as they used to always be.

Except for that weird interactive horror series that's coming on at midseason. What's THAT all about?

Full schedule beneath the jump.

Tomorrow: Fox brings Joss Whedon, J.J. Abrams and Ron Moore all kicking and screaming over to its network. Fans rejoice! Until May 2009 when all three series are canceled!

8:00 PM: The Big Bang Theory
8:30 PM: How I Met Your Mother
9:00 PM: Two and a Half Men
9:30 PM: WORST WEEK (new)
10:00 PM: CSI: Miami

8:00 PM: NCIS
9:00 PM: THE MENTALIST (new)
10:00 PM: Without a Trace

8:00 PM: The New Adventures of Old Christine
8:30 PM: PROJECT GARY (new)
9:00 PM: Criminal Minds
10:00 PM: CSI: NY

8:00 PM: Survivor
9:00 PM: CSI
10:00 PM: 11TH HOUR (new)

8:00 PM: Ghost Whisperer
9:00 PM: THE EX-LIST (new)
10:00 PM: Numb3rs

8:00 PM: Crimetime Saturday
9:00 PM: Crimetime Saturday
10:00 PM: 48 Hours: Mystery

7:00 PM: 60 Minutes
8:00 PM: The Amazing Race
9:00 PM: Cold Case
10:00 PM: The Unit

HARPER'S ISLAND (new) and Rules of Engagement will go mid-season.


RTVW said...

The new CBS dramas are all variations on kooky people solving crimes, except for that romantic dramedy, which makes the ABSOLUTELY PERFECT bridge between The Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs.

While I agree it seems like a weird show to put in the middle of these two, I think it's Numb3rs that ends up outside the fence because I think The Ex List will appeal to Ghost Whisperer fans and, to some degree, the people who actually stay home on a Friday to watch. It should be interesting to see how it does.

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