Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"The Dark Night" - Gossip Girl, episode 2.3

"The Dark Night" puts almost all of GG's players in the same space for once. Blair is throwing a party that's really just another excuse to show off Marcus. Nate is there juggling Catherine and Vanessa while Chuck lurks around waiting for his chance to get back in Blair's good graces. Meanwhile, Dan and Serena hash out their differences in an elevator after a blackout throws the city into darkness and Jenny impresses Blair's mom (Margaret Colin) with her fashion ideas. But just when I thought irritating new characters Marcus and Catherine might be on their way out, they rally and dig in deeper than ever. That's not the most troubling thing about "The Dark Night" however.....

Up until now, Gossip Girl (the blog within the series voiced by Kristen Bell) has mostly been used to set scenes and provide a bit of sarcastic oomph at the beginning and end of scenes. But the GG site becomes a major factor in this episode after a pedestrian snaps a photo of Dan and Serena kissing. Soon everyone knows that the two are back together and a trio of girls accost Dan and Serena in the park and demand to know how the two think they can work it out after everything that's happened - Serena's wild past, Georgina, etc. Two of the girls take Dan's side, the third is "a Serena" (down to the costume design) and thinks S. should cut Dan loose. This may all seem like an amusing bit of meta-commentary but it falls flat because this is maybe the third time in the series that one of the central characters has actually paid attention to what's online. If this is how it's going to be from now on, soon everyone will be afraid to do anything for fear of ending up online. If we want series about characters who know they're on television, we've got Project Runway for that, right?

I started watching GG as a fan of Blake Lively, but I think I'm slowly becoming a Leighton Meesterite. It's not the performance but the character. Blair wants things and does things and doesn't give a damn who cares, while Serena has been stuck on her wishy-washy setting for awhile. But what (other than the title) does Blair see in Marcus, the effete British lord who won't even sleep with her. Whatever else one might say about Meester, she and Ed Westwick do have a spark. I swear Blair's eyes actually roll back in her head at one point at Chuck's adavnces.

In reading over these recaps, I realize they're really more of a diary of my thoughts about GG than an actual point-by-point recap. If you'd like to see more plot discussion in this space feel free to speak up in the comments (Catherine threatens to reveal the location of Nate's father!!), but I'm assuming anyone who finds their way here has already seen the episode.

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Carrie said...

I'm reading the GG books right now (I'm unemployed and bored, don't judge) and in those EVERYONE reads the GG blog and it shapes the action all the time. The great thing about the books is that the characters who are mentioned in the blog don't ever directly reference it, just the people around them, just like happened in the show. So I actually loved that. I think they can get away with it because these people are seen as almost above gossip, like they can get talked about and do all of these horrible things but it only makes them more legendary so none of them really care what a stupid blog says. They know they'll come out all right in the end. Why wouldn't they, they're rich and beautiful!

(In the books Chuck dabbles in homosexuality. I'd like to see that storyline on the show, too, please. Heh.)