Monday, October 27, 2008

"Pret-A-Poor-J" - Gossip Girl, episode 2.8

Best episode title of the season? Maybe. Taylor Momsen shows up in this Jenny-centric episode with a angrier haircut and older new look, and while the end of the hour finds her potentially striking out on her own it's the unusual intrusion of Dan into the Chuck-Blair saga that lingers as the end credits roll.

Jenny's fortunes at the House of Waldorf were sealed a few weeks ago when the last-minute insertion of Jenny's dress (on Serena's body) won raves at a fashion show. I'm pretty sure that in Margaret Colin's tenure on GG we've never actually seen Eleanor design anything, so it comes as no shock this week when buyers from the major department stores call at Eleanor's atelier and are distinctly underwhelmed. Eleanor turns to Jenny again, asking her to make a copy of the dress she's wearing in "her fabrics." Jenny is toiling away but is distracted by her new friendship with model Agnes (Willa Holland) and photographer Max. When photos of Agnes (in Jenny's dress) and Jenny show up on the Internet, Jenny is asked to leave Eleanor's employ (but not without wisely reclaiming her first dress from Eleanor's clutches.)

It's unusual for a character on GG to be out of their depth maturity-wise, but "Pret-A-Poor-J" doesn't let us forget how young Jenny is. We don't know if Agnes and Max have anything in mind for Jenny other than some shirtless partying (with camera), because Jenny is rescued just in time by Nate (Did we see this coming? Anyone?) The two's closing kiss sets up all kinds of possibilities for awkwardness at the Humphrey loft. I must say I'm not wild about Nate's faux big-brother attitude though.

Now to the main event. Will Blair or Chuck be the first to say those "three little words" to each other? I like the way that Blair and Chuck have slowly been given a little humanity this season and I like even more the way that Dan is incorporated into Blair's world this week. Serena (whose personality has been dialed back to normal levels) thinks Dan might offer a good "male perspective" on the Blair-Chuck situation. Dan's advice is of the general go-for-it variety until he learns about the trick that was played on Vanessa last week, and Mr. Humphrey proves himself more than capable of a little Blair-level deviousness. Of course, Dan is a little distracted since Serena has eyes for an artist (John Patrick Amedori, who looks like a geekier Ryan Adams) whose show is opening at Rufus's gallery.

The last scene between Blair and Chuck is written with a level of self-awareness completely unbelievable for high school students, but who cares? More sexual tension between Blair and Chuck is on the horizon, but how will their mutual acknowledgement of their feelings change their personalities? I wanted to review GG each week because it's a show that's fun to look out, if the characters get any more sensitive I may have to actually start caring about what happens.

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