Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All the ladies on House say yeah!

What was I hoping for from tonight's House?

After last week's episode in which Cameron treated an agoraphobic in his own home I was wishing for further development of Cameron as a more humane counterpart to her former boss. Jennifer Morrison, Jesse Spencer, and Omar Epps are in a curious position: their roles were reduced in order to keep the series from becoming stale but they weren't let go in order to prevent the show from becoming merely a carbon copy of itself with a different cast. Tonight's episode was good - Foreman strikes out on his own when he tries to take on another patient while working on a case for House. But there was a sense of "it's his turn." Will next week be a big Chase episode? Actually maybe not, the preview suggested a hostage situation with lots to do for Olivia Wilde's Thirteen. I'd love to see Cameron and Thirteen work together on a case against House's orders; I'm betting Olivia Wilde has more in her than she has been allowed to show. As far as the whole House/Cuddy thing, I've liked Lisa Edelstein since she begged Ben Stiller to punch her in the stomach in Keeping The Faith. Anything that gives her more to do is fine by me. Creepiness alert: on Facebook, you can become a "fan" of Cuddy. I don't mean Lisa Edelstein - though you can fan her too - I mean the fictional Dr. Cuddy.

Oh, and did you notice how much William Sadler's evil doctor on Fringe looked like the Anthony Heald character from The Silence of the Lambs?

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