Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Life has Life...and more

NBC has given Life, about LAPD Det. Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) restarting his career after being wrongly convicted of murder, a full-season order. I haven't had time to do the week-by-week recap of each episode I did here last year, but I'm still enjoying the show as a less relentlessly procedural alternative to some of the cop fare on CBS. If you're not familiar, the first season is out on DVD and episodes are available at IMDB and NBC's site. Oh, and Christina Hendricks of Mad Men pops up occasionally as Charlie's dad's fiance.(NY Times)

Entertainment Weekly reports that One Tree Hill, now in its sixth season, gets higher ratings than it did when it debuted. The "craziest show on TV" (and a good way to kill a couple of hours in the afternoon if you're unemployed as I was last year) has gone from being a show about high school basketball playing half brothers who hate each other to one in which those two brothers have become a bestselling novelist/baskbetball coach and a once-paralyzed dad trying to come back to hoops by playing "Slamball." But seriously - a good looking cast, product placement, and a liberal use of music have all added up to a show still on the upswing. I wrote more here last year.

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