Thursday, December 04, 2008

Blogger block

So, as it turns out, I just have no idea what to blog about (I've been hoping to do a follow-up to last year's Top 100 TV Shows list, but I simply haven't had the time to prepare sufficiently, so it may have to wait until next year sometime). I'm throwing it out to you: What would you like more of? TV show episode reviews? TV season reviews? Film or book reviews (please don't ask me to do album reviews; my taste in music is famously very non-diverse)? Posts on TV history? Something about cultural theory? I've got a long percolating post on the future of the media industry that will come out sometime soon, and I'm going to spend tomorrow and Friday responding to the comments from last year's Top 100 list for lack of anything else to do, but I want to know what you want to see from SDD, because I aim to please.


Simon Crowe said...

What about a series of posts, or maybe some kind of blog-a-thon, that takes advantage of the easy availability of full seasons of series on DVD?

Anonymous said...

How about that Mad Men Season 2 review ?

Carrie said...

I've finally caught up with what you've been doing over the last few weeks and I've really enjoyed it, Todd. I have to agree with Anonymous that a Mad Men season 2 review would be great. I always enjoy your thoughts on the series.

I also selfishly have to agree with Simon about some sort of blog-a-thon, because I would like to participate. Ha.