Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Notes on Gossip Girl, House, & Life

I'm a little overdue on my GG recap this week; apologies, but I won't bore you with the work-related reasons. I'll go ahead and share some thoughts now about the holiday episode of GG as well as developments on House and Life.

I'm going to make a statement based on nothing at all but a feeling. It may shock you, but roll with it. Ready? I think GG might be reaching the end of Chuck Bass's usefulness. This week saw the funeral of Chuck's father, and Chuck about to inherit millions and become one of New York's richest. A distraught Chuck lashes out at Dan and everyone else he even remotely blamed for his father's death; it's only thanks to Blair and Nate's vigilance that he doesn't go on a bender and do something really stupid. Finally though, we get the moment that has been coming all season. Blair tells Chuck she loves him with all the desperation of a housewife in a 1950's melodrama. Blair's journey from Ice Princess to Friend of the Emotionally Unavailable has carried me through this season of GG. How great was her scene with Wallace Shawn as her new stepfather? That hug the two exchanged was as close as I've felt to a moment of genuine emotion in my GG viewing history.

But seriously, can you imagine Chuck going through a similar change to the one Blair has undergone this season? Smiling and being supportive? It's hard to imagine isn't it? I think the fate of this character will be a major issue in the second half of the season.

House this week probably went the furthest the show has ever gone in opening up to stories other than Dr. H's. I don't care one way or the other about Kal Penn's apology to someone he bullied in high school, but the romance between Thirteen and Foreman has me scratching my head. just a few weeks ago Thirteen was picking up women in bars and doing drugs; sure, she's now in a drug trial for her Huntington's, but does she have to clean up her dating life too? The kiss between them didn't feel organic to the characters, but rather a behind-the-scenes move to create buzz.

I had intended to write a good deal more about Life this season, but just never got started with the proper level of attention. This season has been spent less time on the overarching mystery of who set Crews up for those murders and more on the detectives' casework. Slowly we've learned that the conspiracy extends upwards from Jack Reese to a shadowy figure played by William Atherton who is under the FBI's protection. Life is one of the few series I make time to watch this season, and it seems we're just getting started. (The presence of Sarah Shahi doesn't hurt either)

Don't know if I'll be back at SDD before Christmas, but here's wishing a very Happy Holiday to Todd and all his readers.

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Carrie said...

I am of the opposite opinion regarding Chuck. In fact, I actually want a GG spinoff show featuring just Blair, Chuck and Cyrus Rose where Blair and Chuck manipulate people and/or each other, and at the end of each episode Cyrus teaches them a life lesson about why what they did was wrong. This would solve everything for me, considering I am bored with everyone on the show besides those three.