Saturday, April 12, 2008

BSG Saturdays, Season 4, Episode 2, "Six of One"

(Hopefully, I'll get something on NBC's Thursday comedies up yet tonight, though it may wait until tomorrow. -- ed.)

Flirting in its every minute with being dangerously overstuffed, Battlestar Galactica’s second episode of its fourth season, “Six of One,” sets what must be all of the remaining plot wheels for the series’ end game in motion. Now, any episode that lets James Callis’ Gaius Baltar discuss the seduction of a woman with himself (literally) can’t be all bad, and the sheer pace of “Six of One” is often thrilling, but I do worry that the series will feel such a need to send all of its plot threads rushing to their conclusions that it will abandon some of the more lyrical and human moments that gave the series such power in its first three seasons. Still, falling into the headlong rush of a plot that’s pushing ever forward can be fun every once in a while, and episode writer Michael Angeli and director Anthony Hemingway do find room for a few grace notes here and there.
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