Monday, January 26, 2009

Damn you, L Word

On last week's sixth and final season premiere of The L Word it was revealed that Jenny Schecter (Mia Kirshner), the self-involved writer-turned-filmmaker whose coming out was the theme of the show's first season, was found dead in a swimming pool outside her neighbor's house with almost the entire cast present.

We then flashback to the end of Season 5, when Jenny discovers best friend Shane (Katherine Moennig) together with Jenny's actress girlfriend Niki (Kate French). An apologetic Shane (who is, as fans know, a player of legendary proportions) quickly begins a campaign to get back in Jenny's good graces - car washing, landscaping Jenny's house, etc.

At the climax of last night's episode Jenny tells Shane that the reason she was so upset was not because of Niki but because she loves Shane. Now the two former best friends (who may be the two most compatible characters on the show) are set to tentatively explore their attraction....but of course we now know it ends with Jenny's death. And now, as The L Word is poised to end its run, I have a reason to care (and even root for) a character that series creator Ilene Chaiken hasn't really known what to do with since about halfway through the first season. After her male fiance splits it has been pretty much self-absorption and failed relationships for Jenny, not to mention cannibalizing her friends' lives for a book and screenplay. (My money for the killing is on the crazy assistant who stole Jenny's directing gig last season)So, thanks very much L Word - couldn't you have thought of this a couple of years ago?

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