Monday, January 19, 2009

"You've Got Yale" - Gossip Girl, episode 2.16

This week finds the GG gang in full-on nighttime soap opera mode, with the main plotlines all focusing on the underhanded and deceptive. You know what? They don't pull it off. This dour episode recalls the slow-moving hours of earlier this season in which the cast seem like kids playacting at being grown-ups. Oh, for the lighthearted and carefree days of Jenny and her guerrilla fashion shows.

You'll remember that Blair really, really, wants to go to Yale. Well, it's the day for B., Serena, Dan, and fellow students to learn their Ivy League, and what do you know? The economic crisis hasn't spared Yale; the school now apparently sends out text messages instead of acceptance letters. Dan, to his great delight, and a less enthused Serena learn that they've been accepted, but Blair is wait listed. Since Blair didn't apply anywhere else this may mean she'll have to spend the next year clerking at Barnes & Noble...but wait.

Serena's search for identity is one of the longest running themes of GG, and Blair's precarious college situation brings up her old doubts again. Who is Serena? Party girl, Dan's earthy Brooklynite girlfriend, Yale undergrad, or all three? The answer of course is that she has no idea. The idea of Serena giving up Yale so Blair can go and striking out on her own is intriguing, and it plays into my complete inability to imagine GG continuing after the characters graduate from high school. At any rate, no one pouts like Blake Lively and I guess that will have to do for now.

It's a fact of life that shows tend to introduce more dull and one-dimensional characters the longer they last, and we can now bid farewell to Desmond Harrington's Jack Bass. Jack is last seen assaulting Lily in the cloakroom of the Metropolitan Opera after an unexpected Lily-Chuck alliance has put Bass Industries back in Chuck's hands. (Lily legally adopts Chuck to trump Jack's position as legal guardian) There are some definite comic possibilities in Chuck's connection with the now happily together Rufus and Lily.

Oh, and does anyone believe a mere first year teacher can get in the way of Blair's Ivy League plans??

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