Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" - Gossip Girl, episode 2.22

I'm a bit late to this one so I won't waste your time with a long recap. "Southern Gentlemen..." lays out the full extent of the con that Poppy and Gabriel are running on Serena; we just got a taste of it at the end of last week's episode.

In short, Gabriel and Poppy fake a fight which appears to cost Gabriel investors on a vague-sounding plan to bring "wireless to developing nations." Gabriel will then turn to Serena, who will of course persuade Lily and her rich friends to open their checkbooks. Money in hand, Gabriel and Poppy will then skip town.

All very well except for the suspicions of Blair and Chuck, who spot an inconsistency in Gabriel's story of meeting Serena a year ago and try to convince Serena that Gabriel is a fraud. That's what this whole storyline is really about: putting Chuck back in Blair's orbit and stirring up trouble between Blair and Nate. I've had my frustrations with Chuck this season, but the man's not stupid. He calls Blair on the fact she'd rather go on capers with him that spoon with Nate at their new place. (Nate's intentions are good but he's being a little paternalistic) Blair, as always at war with her own feelings, flees back to Nate - but for how long?

How do you solve a problem like Georgina? Michelle Trachtenberg returns as the nemesis of our Upper East Siders, and she provides the clinching piece of evidence that Gabriel is a fraud. She also claims to have found Jesus and seems to be working at some sort of children's camp. But is it for real? GG's voice over hints at trouble, and Blair will no doubt be all up in her face next week. This season has had its dead spots, but its shaping up for a ridiculously fun conclusion.

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