Sunday, June 21, 2009

TV on the Internet, Episode 12: Why does cable news suck so much?

This week: Why did America never embrace Pushing Daisies? Why can't cable news seem to cover actual, y'know, news? Will the Scrubs reboot work? And why can't Libby and Todd agree on Burn Notice? At least they both dislike True Blood! Thanks for all your comments and criticism. They're helping us make the show better. If you like us, please review us on iTunes. We WILL take out the Official Lost Podcast! We WILL!

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TV on the Internet, Episode 12: Why does cable news suck so much?

Here's a direct link to the episode.

Time codes follow. There are MAJOR SPOILERS for a variety of shows, so you may want to skip over a segment if you haven't watched the shows discussed therein.


00:00.00-00:02.15: Introductions and music from Clues
00:02.16-00:13.11: The week's headlines.
00:13.12-00:27.33: Libby and Todd discuss why Pushing Daisies never quite caught on like it should have.
00:27.34-00:41.38: Todd and Libby try to build a better cable news network and mostly fail.
00:41.39-01:14.54: Discussing the weeks in television. (Includes spoilers for Royal Pains, The Listener, So You Think You Can Dance?, Rescue Me, Nurse Jackie, Weeds, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, The Soup, Burn Notice and True Blood.)
01:14.54-01:22.20: The classic TV on DVD pick, the wrap-up, more from Clues and an outtake.

Headline Links:

Scrubs' Next Season Heads for the Classroom (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
Is Dominic Monaghan Returning to Lost? (Kansas City Star)
T.R. Knight Exits Grey's Anatomy (New York Times)
Jon and Kate Plus Eight Announcement: Divorce for Jon and Kate Gosselin? (New Jersey Star-Ledger)
Lindsay Lohan and Ryan Seacrest Discuss a New Reality Show (

This Week's Music:

"Perfect Fit" (mp3)
from "Clues"

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Clips are from Scrubs (episode: "My Lucky Night," script by Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan), Pushing Daisies (episode: "Bitches," script by Chad Gomez Creasey and Dara Resnik Creasey), Fox and Friends, Royal Pains (episode: "Pilot," script by Andrew Lenchewski), Nurse Jackie (episode: "Pilot," script by Liz Brixius and Linda Wallem and Evan Dunsky), Burn Notice (episode: "End Run," script by Craig S. O'Neill), True Blood (episode: "Nothing but the Blood," script by Alexander Woo) and The Dick Van Dyke Show (episode: "Never Name a Duck," script by Carl Reiner).


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A Podcast Recommendation:

The gang at The AV Club (where I contribute pieces from time to time) has been running a podcast for some time, but since you can finally subscribe to it on iTunes (warning: iTunes link), I thought I'd toss the link out there this week.


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