Tuesday, September 15, 2009

TV on the Internet, Episode 19: The Emmys Can Only Disappoint You, so You Might as Well Learn That Now

Our big time Emmy predictors -- Erik Dean Anderson of Awards Daily's forums and Big Ted of For Your Speculation -- return to once again crush our hopes of Chloe Sevigny winning on a write-in vote. (Both also post at Culturish.) We're going to be discussing which shows will win the Emmys this Sunday and which won't. After that, Libby and Todd take us through ten of the biggest shows on right now in just ten minutes. There's a stopwatch and everything! Please keep voting for us on iTunes! Your reviews and ratings have us climbing the ranks, and we will NOT BE STOPPED.

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TV on the Internet, Episode 19: The Emmys Can Only Disappoint You, so You Might as Well Learn That Now

Here's a direct link to the episode.

Time codes follow. There are MAJOR SPOILERS for a variety of shows, so you may want to skip over a segment if you haven't watched the shows discussed therein.


00:00.00-01:01.00: Music by Deer Tick and Emmy talk
01:01.01-01:17.18: Todd and Libby check out ten shows in ten minutes and preview what's coming up in the fall season.


Prepare for the Emmys here (Emmys.org)

This Week's Music:

Born on Flag DayDeer Tick
"Smith Hill" (mp3)
from "Born on Flag Day"
(Partisan Records)

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Clips are from 30 Rock (episode: "The Funcooker," script by Donald Glover and Tom Ceraulo), The United States of Tara (episode: "Aftermath," script by Diablo Cody), Breaking Bad (episode: "Peekaboo," script by J. Roberts and Vince Gilligan), Brothers and Sisters (episode: "Missing," script by Nancy Won and Jason Wilborn), Lost (episode: "The Incident," script by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof) and Mad Men (episode: "The Fog," script by Kater Gordon).


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