Thursday, October 01, 2009

"The Lost Boy" - Gossip Girl, episode 3.3

The heavily plotted "The Lost Boy" provides a glimpse of the kind of GG we can expect from here on out.The Gossip Girl website hasn't been mentioned yet this season. Blair, Serena, and Chuck no longer have the protective bubble of prep school under which to pull off their power plays; the real world is just too large and each will have to rise or fall on their own merits. Unexpected relationships may form and dissolve (and Dan's writing talent could be valued more than Blair or Serena's wealth), and there's always an opportunity for someone to create chaos for everyone else.

A couple of weeks ago I was pretty hard on Chris Riggi, the actor who plays Rufus and Lily's recently discovered son Scott. Well I owe Mr. Riggi an apology, since through a bit of inattentive viewing I had missed the fact that not only was Scott lying to Vanessa about his name he was in fact not even enrolled in NYU at all. He's living in New York and trying to get close to Dan and Rufus while deciding whether or not to reveal his true identity. A careless lie to Vanessa means the deception is uncovered, and soon Vanessa becomes the first GG regular to know the truth about Scott's parentage. (Side note: isn't Vanessa less interesting this season? Previously she was the one character I could imagine with an offscreen life but now she's just around to move the story along) When given a chance to truly introduce himself to Rufus at the climactic auction that brings all the characters together Scott chickens out and pretends to be his late brother, perpetuating the Season 2 lie that Scott was killed in a boating accident. Scott's lie at the auction felt a little forced to me, and since he's off to Boston (apparently) we won't see him for a time; Vanessa is left with the truth and I can only hope it's an excuse for some better Jessica Szohr storylines.

Chuck and Blair found themselves in competition over a photograph at the Sotheby's auction. Chuck wanted the picture to charm a potential business partner while Blair planned to use it as entree into an exclusive dining club. Chuck has become something of a workaholic; Blair takes every chance to let him know she's feeling a little neglected. (I love the way Leighton Meester plays frustration.) I'm enjoying the slow loosening up of Blair, a project that seems likely to go on for the better part of this season. What's next, she starts hanging out in Brooklyn and writing her own music blog? Chuck has decided to leave Bass Industries and strike out on his own in the hotel business, so don't look for his schedule to free up any time soon. The other escapade C&B pulled off was a stealth campaign against the apparently broke Carter, who spends this week contesting hotel bills and denying charges of promiscuity. This all felt a bit like prep school GG, but the way it was all explained in a rush at the end felt a bit halfhearted. Carter isn't going anywhere just yet, and Nate's girlfriend Bree is planning revenge against him for some unspecified slight. (Recurring characters in conflict with each other = waste of time) Georgina was largely on the sidelines this week, but she's taking the train to Boston and doesn't seem inclined to take Dan's brush off well. We're just getting started....

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