Sunday, May 31, 2009

TV on the Internet, Episode 10: Which is Better? Mad Men or Breaking Bad?

We're back after our short hiatus to talk about the pressing question of the moment: Which is better, Mad Men or Breaking Bad? Also, we've got a summer TV preview and thoughts on the few season finales we didn't touch on earlier. Thanks for all your comments and criticism. They're helping us make the show better. If you like us, please review us on iTunes. We WILL take out the Official Lost Podcast! We WILL!

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TV on the Internet, Episode 10: Which is Better? Mad Men or Breaking Bad

Here's a direct link to the episode.

Time codes follow. There are MAJOR SPOILERS for a variety of shows, so you may want to skip over a segment if you haven't watched the shows discussed therein.


00:00.00-00:01.42: Introductions and music from Buckwheat Zydeco
00:01.43-00:13.06: The week's headlines.
00:11.56-00:26.08: Libby and Todd preview everything that's coming to your TVs this summer.
00:26.09-00:39.27: Todd and Libby discuss whether Mad Men or Breaking Bad is the better show.
00:39.28-01:08.42: Discussing the weeks in television. (Includes spoilers for How I Met Your Mother, American Idol, Glee, Ugly Betty, Southland, So You Think You Can Dance, Rescue Me, The Fashion Show, The Real Housewives of New Jersey and In Treatment.)
01:08.43-01:18.02: The classic TV on DVD pick, the wrap-up, the announcement of our contest winner and more from Buckwheat Zydeco.

Headline Links:

Jay Leno Takes Final Bow on Tonight Show (New York Times)
Scottish Singer Susan Boyle's Fairy Tale Stops Short (Los Angeles Times)
Surviving Suburbia Can't Survive New Timeslot (Variety)
Jon & Kate Premiere: Will You Watch? (Entertainment Weekly)
The CW's Schedule for the Fall TV Season (The Associated Press)

This Week's Music:

Lay Your Burden DownBuckwheat Zydeco
"Ninth Place" (mp3)
from "Lay Your Burden Down"
(Alligator Records)

More On This Album

Clips are from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Burn Notice (episode: "Lesser Evil," script by Matt Nix), Breaking Bad (episode: "Phoenix," script by John Shiban), How I Met Your Mother (episode: "The Leap," script by Craig Thomas and Carter Bays), So You Think You Can Dance, The Fashion Show, In Treatment (episode: "Gina: Week Seven," script by Marsha Norman) and Deadwood (episode: "E.B. Was Left Out," script by Jody Worth).


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