Friday, February 12, 2010

TV on the Internet, Episode 30: (Insert Lost Pun Here)

So, getting the second TVOTI episode at MediaElites up could have gone a lot more quickly, but we here at TV on the Internet enterprises are not known for our hustle and/or keeping our eye on the ball. In the future, though, we'll endeavor to get these 'casts recorded on Wednesday or Thursday and have them up by Friday, as that works with our schedules. This week, we talk about Lost because ... why not? Also, we talk about how Chuck has killed love forever and how much Todd loves The Millionaire Matchmaker (somewhat atypically). Also, it's our longest episode yet, though we have little to no real idea why, since we cut all of the tasteless jokes Todd was making.

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TV on the Internet, Episode 30: (Insert Lost Pun Here)

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Time codes follow. There are MAJOR SPOILERS for a variety of shows, so you may want to skip over a segment if you haven't watched the shows discussed therein.


00:00.00-00:03.10 Introductions and music from Balmorhea
00:03.11-00:26.36 The week's headlines, including spoilers for Chuck.
00:26.37-00:53.04 Todd and Libby look back at one of their favorite shows, Lost.
00:53.05-01:51.55 Discussing the week in television. (Includes spoilers for The Millionaire Matchmaker, American Idol, The Super/Puppy Bowl, Caprica, How I Met Your Mother, Damages, Cougar Town, The Office, Big Love and Fringe.)
01:51.56-02:00.05 The classic TV on DVD pick, the wrap-up and more from Balmorhea (and maybe an outtake).

Headline Links:

New Chuck romances destroy television, life itself (Los Angeles Times)
How I Met Your Mother gets an early renewal (
Without fanfare, Leno's primetime show ends (New York Times)
And the Oscar nominees are ... (The A.V. Club)
NBC's Winter Olympics coverage (NBC)

This Week's Music:

"Bowsprit" (mp3)
from "Constellations"
(Western Vinyl)

More On This Album

Clips are from Chuck (episode: "Chuck Versus the Mask," script by Phil Klemmer), Lost (episode: "What Kate Does," script by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz), The Millionaire Matchmaker (episode: "Smike and Rupert"), Caprica (episode: "Reins of a Waterfall," script by Michael Angeli), Cougar Town (episode: "When a Kid Goes Bad," script by Kevin Biegel), Fringe (episode: "Jacksonville," script by Zach Stentz and Ashley Edward Miller) and Barney Miller (episode: "Blizzard," script by Tony Sheehan).


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Photo: Matthew Fox plays Jack on Lost. (courtesy: ABC)